Gas Technology Partnership Client List

I work with a wide range of organizations – from small start-up companies through to international organizations. You’ll find just some of them below:

Diamond Light Source
University College London
Mantec Systems
Stanhope Seta
Castrol Technology Centre
Baker Hughes
National Semiconductors
Glasgow University
Beatson Cancer Research
Bouygues E&S Contracting
Scottish Leather Group
Clifton AS
Marshall Brewson
Hean Studio
Intense Photonics
Lindsey Oil Refinery
Rowett Research Institute
Sheffield University
Falcon Catering
Clariant Oil
Aston University
PSI Speciality Gas Engineering
KJ Tait Engineers
Dolby Vivisol
Cryotanks Ltd
Reckitt Benckiser Healthcare (UK) Ltd
Kingspan Environmental Ltd
London Centre for Nanotechnology
Intelligent Energy Ltd
Inspectorate Ltd
Intertek Commodities Ltd
Compound Photonics Ltd
Precision Cleanrooms Ltd
St Andrews University
Samsung Electronics Co.Ltd – South Korea
University of Aberdeen
Nalco Champion
Rushbrook Consultants
E&B Gas Control Company

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