Written Scheme of Examination

It is a legal requirement to have this document before operation of a pressure system. As a competent body, GTP Ltd can draw up the Written Scheme of Examination documentation for the customer detailing:

• Safe operating parameters of the system
• Which parts should be examined
• The nature and frequency of examination required
We will also inform you immediately if your pressure system, or part of it, needs urgent attention.
Even if your existing gas system doesn’t have a Written Scheme of Examination, GTP Ltd can still audit your system – no matter how long it’s been in service, and issue the Written Scheme. This is where our gas industry experience contacts with suppliers really comes into its own. Your system probably won’t even have an existing set of drawings, O&M manuals, or gas data sheets. GTP Ltd will be able to identify equipment types, manufacturers, part numbers, pipe sizes and types.
Contact us today to book your site survey of your pressure systems. The completed Written Scheme of Examination will typically be turned around within a week of the site survey.
Gas Technology Partnership Ltd is a member of The British Compressed Gas Association.


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