Design Specification

Working directly with end users or in partnership with M&E Consultants, I will write a detailed design specification document to enable your project to get off in the right direction, right from the start, and avoid any costly retrofits at handover stage.

From Cutting and Welding, right through to Ultra High Purity Semiconductor, and many other sectors and applications in between. Whether it’s one system or a heavily serviced building with a huge list of gas requirements – it’s all within my capabilities to specify the following important items:

  • pipework routing
  • pipe size, material, jointing method
  • recommended gas control equipment
  • separation distances
  • gas delivery area location
  • recommended safety features
  • special requirements for special gases (heat tracing, weigh scale, purge system, gas cabinets)
  • all in accordance with National and International Standards (BCGA, EIGA, SEMI, CGA)

I can also provide independent design review. This is a systematic, comprehensive, and documented analysis of an existing proposed design by others to determine its capability and adequacy to meet its requirements. A design review also serves to identify present and potential problems.