Training Workshops

Without doubt, the most favourite part of my job. I love sharing my knowledge with companies to help them understand their own gases and gas systems better, and importantly – to feel confident in using those systems safely.

I don’t do generic workshops. All my training courses are tailored exactly to your site, your gases, and your gas control equipment. I will come to your site and spend a day or a half-day with your participants and we’ll typically cover, for example :

  • Legislation and User Responsibilities
  • Methods of delivery
  • Gas Properties and Hazards (Specific to your site)
  • Gas Purities
  • Cylinder Basics
  • Equipment Basics (regulators, flash back arrestors, relief valves, hoses)
  • How to chose the right equipment
  • How to change a cylinder (hands-on using your equipment)

I’m comfortable covering Laboratory, Life Sciences, Semiconductor, Industrial, Cryogenic, and Speciality Gases applications.

All course material presented will be provided as handouts in booklet form for all delegates. There will be an assessment (multiple choice test, and class discussion), and all attendees will receive a certificate of achievement.

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